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Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) a.k.a ‘occlusion training’ is a proven method to achieve a significant “muscle pump” and muscle growth (i.e. muscle hypertrophy) without loading your joints with heavy weights. In fact, BFR has been used by professional sports teams to speed healing from injured joints and increase muscle strength while a joint is recovering. Your physiotherapists at Woodland Physio are more than capable of guiding through this training method to speed your own healing whether it be a knee sprain, post-surgical recovery (i.e. ACL or meniscus surgery etc.) or pain from osteoarthritis.

Have a look at this video of NBA athlete Dwight Howard talking about his experience using Blood flow restriction training.

At woodland Physiotherapy, we are equipped to provide Blood Flow Restriction training to clients recovering from injuries large and small to speed recovery, enhance performance, and support succesful rerturns to sport and work. Have a read below to find out more about the benefits of blood floor restriction training. If you have any questions, ask your physiotherapist or give the clinic a call!